Louise Pound

RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Thu Dec 23 17:45:37 UTC 1999

DP writes:

<<Who can point me to the issue of AS with Louise Pound's obit?>>

There is a one-paragraph obituary on October 1958, p. 240. She died June 28.

In addition to founding our journal, Pound (I believe) was also president of
MLA, so PML may have had a necrological entry for her. Possibly also the NEW
YORK TIMES. Her brother was Roscoe Pound, the Harvard Law professor. Her
sister Olivia, with whom she lived in Lincoln, Nebraska, for many years, was
a school teacher. Olivia also published a note or two in AS.

I am passing the message on the Connie Eble, who has been working on
biography of Pound.

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