Bum-Bashing &Troll-Busting

Chuck Borsos sqeezbox at CRUZIO.COM
Fri Dec 31 01:02:33 UTC 1999

I've heard the term "troll-busting" here in Santa Cruz for nearly 20 years.
There was considerable tensions between the homeless and downtown
merchants some years ago, to the point that one of the more bigoted store
owners had troll buster tee shirts printed, which were modeled after
"Ghostbusters."   And if I recall, the local newspaper, the Santa Cruz
Sentinel, had an article about it.  There had been violence towards the
homeless by both youths and the police, referred to as troll-busting, which
resulted in a trial in the early 80's.  Can't recall details.  I'll see if
I can dig something up.

Chuck Borsos
Santa Cruz, CA

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