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luf - THAN - sa


f  - THAN - sa

through initial unstressed syllable (onset and vowel only) loss (e,g, English
in - KRED - a - bl ["incredible"] becomes n - KRED - a - bl

f - THAN -sa


FTHAN - sa

due to the lack of "syllabicity" of 'f' in some varieties (seee below) of
English (Note that in "incredible" the "n" residue can become a syllable
rather than merge as onset or as a part of cluster into the next in most



THAN - sa


FAN - sa

be simplifying the (optionally, see below) disallowed /ft/ cluster. I have
all excapt the last two of these in my speech - careful luf -THAN -sa;
rapid speech f - THAN - sa, and VRS (very rapid speech) FTHAN - sa. Not
much of a trick to go a little further a simplify the cluster.

dInIs (who goes norfwes anyhow)

>Awaiting my checked luggage in Philadelphia yesterday, I asked an employee
>(25-ish AA male) which flight was coming in on a certain carousel. He
>said (about 4 times) what sounded like /fansa/. I never did understand
>him, but I later decided that he was probably saying "Lufthansa."
>What's the exact pattern I was hearing?

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