Shakespeare in ASL

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You're right! The heat has got me pure tuckered out, and I done forgot. I
would have wrote /pluhm/ tuckered out, but I didn't want to look like no
ignoramus, cause I didn't know whether it was spelt "plum" or "plumb."


>On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, Dennis R. Preston wrote:
>>PS: One nice thing (among many others) about being from the South Midland
>>(i.e., Hillbilly) area is that nobody wants to translate Shakespeare into
>>our variety, since the popular press has told us that us shit-kickers
>>already speak Elizabethan English.
>Come on, Dennis -- that"s "pure Elizabethian English."
>When I first came to UTK, I routinely fielded calls from journalists
>wanting to know if that wss true. One of the early ones was from the WSJ.

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