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A. Vine avine at ENG.SUN.COM
Tue Jul 6 20:06:55 UTC 1999

Dennis R. Preston wrote:
> PS: One might, by the way, treat "verb" as an "essentially" transitive form
> in  that it has a "cognate object" (which, therefore, need not be overtly
> expressed). That is, one "verbs verbs" (causes items to become verbs),
> although this is slightly more complex than typical cognate verbs, although
> some objects which appear with semantically "depleted" verbs (e.g., "I made
> a fuss" versus "I fussed") are similar.

OK, I'm lost.  Maybe I'm not understanding what you're saying here, but I
thought one verbs nouns and adjectives, not verbs.

And I'm trying to grok "franticking" - I envision pandemonium.

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