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Wed Jul 7 00:36:45 UTC 1999


If I put my foot higher than my heart for most of the day, will I get to be
grumpier than I already am?

Sorry to hear of your incapacitation. Lay off the port and heal up.



PS: The request for a nontechnical explanation of phonetic processes is an
interesting one. I bet most of us old codgers who know this stuff learned
the "basics" of it in old-timey intros to historical linguistics; even
recent intros to phonetics and phonology do not really cover the territory
we were talking about very well.

>in answer to bib fitzke's request - perfectly reasonable -
>for an entry-level book that explains reductions, resyllabications,
>etc. in fast/casual speech: ouch.  i don't offhand know of anything
>suitably non-technical.  anyone else?
>arnold (zwicky at csli.stanford.edu), confined to quarters by
>  a foot infection that means he's supposed to keep the foot
>  elevated above his heart, and damned grumpy as a result

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