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Scott or Pafra Catledge scplc at COMMUNIQUE.NET
Sat Jul 10 15:27:49 UTC 1999

In Florida I heard "disney up," "disneyfy," and "gone to hell and Disney."

> The following para. comes from an article on recent personnel changes at the
> Boston Museum of Fine Arts (Boston Globe, 7/9/99, p. D1). For the whole
> article, see the URL
> +.shtml
> "In the past, you used to have strong silos that didn't speak to each other,
> and curatorial was king," said David Bradford, a lecturer at Stanford
> University's Graduate School of Business who specializes in the
> organizational behavior at museums. "But museums today are managing
> tensions. They need to attract the public and have exhibitions that are of
> high quality, and one of the fears is that Rogers is going to `Disney up'
> the place."
> "Silos" (not in OED2 in this sense) seems to mean "rigid hierarchical
> structures."
> "Disney up" is pretty transparent -- but is it fairly well known, or is it a
> hapax legomenon?

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