Mullets Part Two

Grant Barrett gbarrett at AMERICANDIALECT.ORG
Tue Jul 13 18:59:57 UTC 1999

An addendum to the posting I made a bit ago. The mullet or mullethead site is being forwarded all over the place, so maybe it's worth another mention.


mullet* (mu' lit) 1. any of a family of edible, spiny-rayed fishes found in fresh and salt waters and having a small mouth and feeble teeth, as the striped (or gray) mullet. 2. any haircut which the sides and top of the hair are significantly shorter than the back (the originator of the term "mullet" seems to be Mike D of Beastie Boys fame).


Hockey player haircut Soccer Rocker Guido Bi-Level Shag Neckwarmer Ape Drape Sphinx Hack Job Lobster Mud Flap B&T (bridge and tunnel) River cut (as in Colorado River) Boz (as in Brian Bosworth) Schlong (short on the sides, long in back) S&L crisis Long Island Iced Tease SFLB (Short in Front,Long in Back - "sphil-be") Squirrel Pelt Scorp (as in scorpion) East Kentwood Hair
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