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    This glossary doesn't seem to be on the web, although there is a site at
AFRICA, glossary, pages 154-156 (everything is in caps but I'll reduce some):

ALICE--"Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carol (sic).
AMABOKKE--am a buck (literal translation).  The national soccer team.
AFDAK--not to be mistaken for afkuk.  An outside roof.
BABALAS--a kiwi calling a girl or a bad hangover.
BAKKIE--a small tub or a car that resembles a pickup or ute.
BENIGN--what you be after you be eight.
BEVIES--drinks.  Sinking loads is definitely Geoff's favourite pastime.
BILTONG--dried raw meat.  (and no, it's not bull's tongue.)  ("Barry Biltong"
has been used in jest on this tour--Bary Popik)
BLIND SPOT--what Dick and Jane did in a fit of cruelty.
BOER--Afrikaans for farmer.  Someone who wears socks up to their knees.
BOERIES--Boerwors sausage.  An Afrikaans legacy and an indespenable (sic)
part of SA braai.
BOFFIN--expert, knowledgable, well versed.
BRAAI--known in other part of the world as a bbq or barbie, braaiing is a
national pastime no matter what race or language.  Three tips, don't mess
with the firemaker's fire, don't fiddle with the cook's food and don't give
BROOKIE LACE--the wraught iron border around a stoep.  A bit tougher than
BUCKS--South African money.  Or an antelope.  Rhymes with buck, muck,
CAUTERIZE--made eye contact with her.
CHILL OUT--what you do in the Transkei or after a great surf.  Surfing in the
CHOOMPH--food.  Graze.  You may even find one of these chocolate bars on your
CIRCULAR DEFINITION--see Definition, Circular.
COINCIDE--what you do when it starts to rain.
CONSCIENCE--what hurts when everything else feels so good.
COOKS--the surf cooks.  What cooks?  Too many cooks spoil the broth?
DARK AGES--knight time.
DOGAT--dog that thinks it's a cat.
DIGS--shared accommodation (student type); likes; in search of treasure.
DUTCHMAN--(not a Hollander) to qualify you need to love red meat, drink
klippies and Coke and wear socks up to your knees.
FOOFIE SLIDE--a pulley swing that runs from one side of a river to another.
Or skidmarks in your underpants.
EK SE--a quirky Afrikaans phrase meaning "I say", but not really translatable
into English.
FUNDI--an expert. (Xhosa)  Princess Di at a party.
FYNBOS--indigenous plantlife found in the Cape.  Not to be mistaken for
GEOMETRY--what the acorn said after it grew up.
GRAZE--eat.  People who use this word do graze their food.
GROOT GAT--a big hole.  Gat is also a rude Afrikaans word for bum hole.
HANGOVER--the mourning after the night before.  What you do on a fence.
HUMS--is really busy.
INNUENDO--an Italian suppository.
JOLLING--party.  Fun time.  Keep this one in your vocab and you'll have a
lekker time.  "We're always on the jol."
KARAOKE--Japanese for "tone-deaf drunk with microphone".
KITSCH--kitsch is nasty but nice.  Christine has lots of kitsch.
KOPPIE--a small hill.  But also one can say a "koppie koffie".
KOS--Afrikaans for food or costs.  Die kos kos... (no, not the stuff that
looks like rice...)
KREEF--crayfish.  (not to be confused with Durban cockroaches.)
LAIDBACK-relaxed, easy going.  In the back seat of a car.
LANK--(slang for lots/really/very positive).  He's lank well.
LAPA--a wood/reed/shelter without walls.  What you say after drinking too
much grapa.
LARNY--smart (involving clothes, places).
LEKKER--local is lekker.  Nice.  Good.  Great.  Use it often and you'll be
MENSE--people (Afrikaans).  Also an assoc. for specially clever IQ's.
MUTI--medicine for a mute cow.
MOSSEL--mussel--a small shellfish you can pick off the rocks.  Or the large
things sticking out of Dutchman's vests.
NOGAL!--exclamation.  Even!
PARKING OFF--hanging around/out.  Off is pronounced orf.
PELLIE--mate, friend, chum.  Geoff is mine.
PLONK--cheap red wine.  A prerequisite in every backpack and home.  You can
also get "on your plonk" after too much plonk.  The Irish word "plonker"
means something completely different.
POZZIE--place, spot (as in home/house/digs).  A drunken Australian.
POTJIE--traditional way of cooking stew-type food very slowly in a cast iron
pot over a fire.  Delicious stuff.
QUAGGA--an extinct half zebra half horse that roamed South Africa.  Not to be
mistaken with dagga.
ROCKING UP--just arriving.  When are they rocking up?  Not to be confused
with getting your rocks off.
RUSTIG/E--relaxed.  Not a misprint of risting.
SAN--bushmen.  Or short for sandy.
SANGOMA--African witchdoctor.  Not to be messed with.
SARMIES--sandwiches.  What mom made you to take to school.  Peanut-butter and
jam is a South African favourite.
SAVVY--common sense.
SHEBEEN--African bars open 24 hrs a day.  Where enlightened buy beer on
SKOLLIES--naughty bad people.  Usually criminals.  The kind of people your
mother warned you about, but worse.
SLAAPSTAD--a play on Kaapstad (Afrikaans for Cape Town) which means Sleepy
Town because everyone's so bloody laid-back.
SNAZZY--hey shew wow smart, larny.
SNOR--Afrikaans for moustache.  A common dorm sound.
SPAZA--basic supply shop.
SPRUCED--looking good, well kept.
STOEP--verandah in all South African homes.  Pronounced stoop.
STRANDLOPER--beach walker.
SUSSED--sharp, clever, on the ball.
VREETING--pig out on.  (Geoff sez, it's the noise your bum makes after too
much pigging out.)

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