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It's very seldom that a "coiner" is personally identified. Is it really the
case that you wouldn't like to hear from him about the coinage? I don't
want to belittle your eterprise at all (for the "dating" of senses,
expressions, and even items is an important task), but the cognitive, folk,
anecdotal, and other factors which surround coinage and shift are surely as
interesting (and, I would claim, with again no intent to demean the dating
game) "linguistically" (if not sociohistorically) more interesting.


>On Wed, 14 Jul 1999, Gerald Cohen wrote:
>>     I've followed the responses to Mr. Johnson's July 12 e-mail, and it
>> seems now that one minor task remains to be done:  It would be helpful to
>> have a statement directly from Paul Lewis clarifying just  when and how he
>> coined the term "Frankenfood."  Also: are there any details of his coining
>> the term that would be of any interest but have thus far escaped mention in
>> any publication?  If so, would he please write them down so  we may have
>> his authoritative statment about what happened.
>This is really not necessary.  It's crystal-clear from a Nexis search that
>Lewis coined the term in a 16 June 1992 letter to the New York Times.
>Lewis himself confirmed in a Boston Globe interview later in the year that
>this was the coinage.
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