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Mark Olwell wtmarks at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Jul 16 21:03:41 UTC 1999

To the American Dialect Society:

I had contacted the linguistics department at UCLA for help with my request.
  One of the profsssors there suggested I contact this organization.

I need to know the following:

a British accent that even Henry Higgns would have trouble placing.  It can
be from anywhere in England, but I need to know the name of the town or
village, if possible, and the county.  I could use also a generalized
location (a village in the north of such and such county, as an example).
Also, I need to know the qualities of the accent (lyrical, melodic, clipped,
etc.).  It can be from anywhere in England but not Wales.

Is there a Southern Uplands Scottish lilt?  If not, is there something
else I could use?  Again, this accent could be from anywhere in Scotland,
though I need to know what any accent is called.

Is there a Northern Cork County Irish accent?  If not, is there an accent
from another part of Ireland I could use.  What is it called?
Do people from all counties in Ireland speak with different accents?
Do you have a few suggestions for this one and the ones above?

Just to be very clear, I am looking for accents only and not dialects.  When
I had emailed to some people they assumed I wanted information on dialects.
If you can help me please email me a
wtmarks at  If you cannot help me, do you have any suggestions?

Many thanks in adavnce.

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