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This generic argument runs a little deeper in folk consciousness than has
been discussed so far. The "generic" involved here is one in which,
specifically, "individuation" is trivial (at least in the frame of
reference important to the utterance).

Therefore, for many Christians, "the bible" is a fixed text, and, when one
says, e.g., "Do you have a bible with you?," an exemplar of an
undifferentiated set is singled out, but its individual qualities are
trivial (cf. "Do you have that old torn-up bible with you?").

Most Americans believe (I think I know; I've asked a gob) that there is one
dictionary, a representation of what the language "ought to be." Since that
philosophical position obtains (at least for very many), it is important to
remember that a sentence like "Do you have a Webster's handy" does not mean
do you have "a dictionary" (in the "any") sense but do you have an
undifferentiated example of "the" dictionary available.

They's generics and they's super-generics.


>"Webster's" has been in common use for quite a while:  In addition to
>Webster's Collegiate (the real thing), there's Webster's College, and
>Webster's Elementary, and Webster's Notebook Dictionary, as well as
>Webster's Universal Unabridged--only $20--but no kin to Websters Unabridged,
>3rd. ed.
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>> This is really an interesting use of "Websters"! This is like saying, "the
>> SCOTT version of Kleenex" or "the GE version of Hoover"; apparently
>> "Websters" has now become totally generic, like aspirin. Some people in
>> Massachusetts are not going to like this one bit.

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