Grant Barrett gbarrett at AMERICANDIALECT.ORG
Wed Jul 21 15:29:23 UTC 1999

Dear Sirs:      My name is Jennifer Arend and I'm a reporter for the Dallas Morning
News. I'm trying to write a story on accent reduction, and I tried to
leave a message with Mr. Metcalf (the # listed on the contact page of
your website), but he has not returned my call. If any of you can help
me, I would really appreciate it. My number is 214-977-2921 or
1-800-431-0010, ext. 2921. My deadline for the story is today, but I'll
be in till late tonight, so please call anytime, and if I'm not there,
please leave a message so I can know how to reach you. Thanks very much,

                                Jennifer Arend
                                Business News
                                Dallas Morning News

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