Another Frankenterm

Gregory {Greg} Downing gd2 at IS2.NYU.EDU
Thu Jul 22 17:36:02 UTC 1999

At 01:09 PM 7/22/99 -0400, Paul McFedries <paul at MCFEDRIES.COM> wrote:
>This was published in The Independent last Sunday:
>MARTINE McCUTCHEON wears them. So, at the opposite end of the fashion
>spectrum, does Lady Thatcher. But Marks & Spencer's knickers, which were
>roundly condemned last week by the firm's own shareholders for being
>unsexy, are indeed not what they seem. They are, in fact, "genetically

So, Dr. Paul Lewis has created a monster! What's with these violently
stitched-together frankencoinages and frankenformations? (Add your own
emoticon here.)

These underwear were "roundly condemned" indeed. I hope the people who wrote
this story were at least *amusing* themselves!

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