Nigel Roberts nigel at ROBERTS.CO.UK
Sun Jul 25 09:08:43 UTC 1999


I found the attached, posted on March 7 on the archive.
I would be very interested to discuss further, but the archive doesn't
seem to have the headers, so I don't know who said it.

Does anyone have any info on this subject?

Thanks in advance.

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  Date Sent: Sunday, March 7, 1999

  Until recently I worked for an advertising agency that did the media
planning for French Connection in the US.
  Apparently the client, French Connection, signed onto GGT
Advertising's (the British company doing their ad work at the time)
campaign with the full knowledge their intentions and motives would be
suspect (and they seem to look on any controversy with smug glee). FCUK
is being mis-read by English-speakers on both continents, and they know

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