PowerPoint Presentation at Methods 10

Bethany K. Dumas dumasb at UTK.EDU
Mon Jul 26 17:13:16 UTC 1999

My PowerPoint presentation will consist of a presentation on my
announced topic, then a demonstration of how one puts a PP presentation
together. Accordingly, I plan to keep the actual ""presentation" part of
my time to about 25 minutes, assuming that there will be some questions
and discussion about the content. Then I plan to actually demonstrate
step-by-step how one puts a presentation together. If you want to bring
some files on a disk (text plus maybe graphics or sound files) that we
could use for the second part of the session, please email me privately
<dumasb at utk.edu>. (Since I will be working from a Mac, I will be able to
work with either Mac or PC disks, including Zips.)


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