Long Island Iced Tea

Bruce K. Dykes bkd at GRAPHNET.COM
Tue Jul 27 10:15:48 UTC 1999

Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:
>     What is "Long Island Iced Tea"?  When was this coined?
>     Once again:  What is "Long Island Iced Tea"?
>      If you ask for one, will you get a Snapple or an alcoholic drink?
>      Some internet recipes for the latter:

Sour mix? Orange juice? Sprite?!?!

As Andrea noted, the ur-form of the Long Island Iced Tea is a shot each
of the 5 whites, and Coke(tm) for color, usually garnished with lemon.
It's amazingly palatable for a drink where the liquor outnumbers the

The TV Food network had a show called Quench in the '97-'98 season, and
one of the episodes featured an interview with a Long Island bartender
who claims to have invented the drink in the sixties, in response to a
contest by one of the white liquor manufacturers (I think the triplesec
maker). I forget his name, but he still works at the same bar, and they
proudly boast of their role in the creation of the drink. Unlike the
Margarita, this bartender's was completely unsuitable for attachment to
a beverage.

I know this is true. I saw it on TV.

Should other avenues fail, one of the hosts of the program was lovely
young lady who I believe was the sommelier at Top of the World in the
World Trade Center.

Etymology is a better reason than most for a pubcrawl.

Now as far as Andrea's "Texas Iced Tea" goes, I'm pretty sure that's
simply an abomination.


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