Long Island iced tea (continued)

A. Vine avine at ENG.SUN.COM
Wed Jul 28 17:30:13 UTC 1999

I definitely served L.I.I.T.'s (and drank them) in Houston in the summer of
1980.  At our restaurant we called them Texas Iced Tea, but when identifying
them to customers we said they were our version of L.I.I.T.  Ours was actually
served in one of them big ole plastic iced tea glasses with fluting 2/3rds of
the way up the glass and a smooth finish the rest of the way.  It must have been
a 20 oz. glass, with 10 ozs. of L.I.I.T.  At lunch we had happy hour, 2 for 1.
People would order L.I.I.T. and get 2 of those monsters.  I don't know how they
managed to walk out of the place, much less go back to work.

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