LI iced tea; Word Detective

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Thu Jul 29 10:07:54 UTC 1999

    There are many recipes out there, but none surpass this one.  Many thanks
to Dave Fun and Bupos (What was his name again?) for giving me and the world
the recipe back in 1983.


    This exchange (titled DICTIONARY OF WORD AND PHRASE ORIGINS) was on Cecil
Adams' The Straight Dope (, July 14 & 15, 1999:

"'s a piece of crap..."
MODERATOR:  I suppose Cecil "keeps citing it" because the words and phrase he
wants _are_ in there.
CHEF TROY:  William and Mary's son, Evan Morris, runs a pretty good web site
called the Word Detective that has a lot of stuff that isn't in mom & dad's
THEINCREDIBLEHOLG:  I just _love_ the Word Detective.  Very informative, and
funny, too.  Another site, equally informative albeit less humorous, is
Jesse's Word of the Day.  Jesse has even answered one of _my_ questions

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