"Canyoning" vs. "Canyoneering"

Jessie Emerson jessie at SIRSI.COM
Thu Jul 29 21:09:39 UTC 1999

The news item was on public radio, and included an interview with a man who
was the first American certified to guide canyoning groups in Europe.  The
interviewer mentioned that the sport was known as "canyoning" in Europe and
as "canyoneering" in the U.S.

Searching under "canyoning" through Infoseek, most of the first 10 hits
referred to European (i.e., French or German language) or Costa Rican web
sites.  A search for "canyoneering" yielded sites in Utah and Arizona.


Ron Butters wrote:
> I doubt that CANYONING is a French term, though I guess it isn't
> Do you mean to imply that CANYONING is British? Odd, since they don't have
> canyons (well, maybe they do now)

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