T-Room (was Professor & Madman; F-Word; Cottaging, etc.)

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Mon May 3 18:50:07 UTC 1999

I'd never heard T-Room/Tea Room before reading this message, and then almost
immediately saw it in a CNN article:
SYDNEY, May 3 (Reuters) - Australian church leaders and health experts plan
to open an illegal heroin injecting room in a Sydney church where "church
sanctuary" can be invoked against prosecution, a drugs campaigner said on

The experimental centre, dubbed a "Tolerance Room" or the "T-Room," is in
defiance of Prime Minister John Howard's "zero tolerance" drug policy.

The room is designed to offer addicts a safe environment to inject heroin
using clean equipment and under medical supervision.
The rest of the article is here...

Jessie E.

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> this is strictly british.  public restrooms are located in small
> buildings called (in slang) COTTAGES, hence the verb meaning to
> use these buildings for sexual assignations.
> such structures are not uncommon in various u.s. places - there
> are some on the stanford campus - but i have never heard them
> referred to as cottages here (undoubtedly because the word
> is not at all common in reference to dwelling places).
> what i am not at all sure of is how widespread the noun COTTAGE
> is in the u.k.  in my experience, any gay man in england, scotland,
> or wales can be expected to know the term, but i believe it is
> more widely used than that.  (i could be wrong; it could be
> entirely analogous to american english T-ROOM/TEA ROOM.)  certainly
> the *verb* COTTAGE is restricted to gay usage, for the obvious
> reason that most non-gay speakers are in unfamiliar with the practice.
> arnold (zwicky at csli.stanford.edu)

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