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Thu May 6 03:30:12 UTC 1999

CHOPS (continued)

     This is from the New York Post, Liz Smith's gossip/celebrity press
release column, 5 May 1999, pg. 16, col. 6:

     GWYNETH PALTROW took to the Copacabana stage the other night at a rowdy
gala for the Blue Light Theater.  Gwyneth sang, accompanied by the great
_Phoebe Snow_ and the Tony-nominated actress _Stockard Channing_.  The
unlikely trio ripped into _Mick Jagger's_ anthem "Satisfaction."  (...)
     After it was over, Phoebe Snow told friends, "Gwyneth has _chops_!"

     Maybe that's why Shakespeare loved her.


     The Online Dictionary of Playground Slang has "FUCKNUT (n) derog., An
excessively stupid of unpleasant person."
     This is not in the second edition of THE F-WORD.

      This weekend (when I returned) had to be a record for established
newspapers getting my stuff wrong.
      There was the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, pointed out by Grant Barrett;
Gerald Cohen and I are trying to correct that.
      There was the Chicago Tribune on "the Windy City"; I e-mailed the
writer and editors on Sunday, with no response.
      And then, just to guarantee my complete despair, and beyond all hope of
any correction, there was this, on a May 1, 1999 Op-Ed page of The New York

"Please don't ask why New York is called the Big Apple; your guess is as good
as mine."

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