Dangling modifiers

James E. Clapp jeclapp at WANS.NET
Thu May 6 04:11:58 UTC 1999

William H. Smith wrote:
> For something completely different, my wife, a seventh-grade language arts
> teacher, would like examples of humorous dangling modifiers, such as "Flying
> low, a herd of cows was seen."

Well, it's not exactly a dangling modifier, and I'm not saying it's
anything heinous, but I was awfully tickled by the following picture
caption accompanying the article "Upscale Housing in a Downscale Cincinnati
Area" on page 7 of the Real Estate section (Section 11) of the New York
Sunday Times, April 25, 1999:

"David C. Imboden at Riverfront Terrace overlooking the Ohio River, which
is now under construction. His 21 townhouse Riverfront East complex is at

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