modifying danglers

Peter Richardson prichard at LINFIELD.EDU
Thu May 6 15:00:40 UTC 1999

Bill Smith just asked about some dangling modifiers. Here are some I used
last term with my freshman writing class:

1. Looking around for a scapegoat after the election, Gingrich was an
obvious target.

2. After being accepted to college, the thing to do seemed to be to take a
year off and work.

3. When filled to bursting, you have to be careful of water balloons.

4. Looking up at the attic, fire was shooting out of the windows.

5. Brought to a head by religious rivalries, the countries entered the war
without regard to their civilian populations.

6. After being crowned Miss America, the afternoon and evening were a
special delight for the beauty queen.

7. After digging only six feet into the earth, the area around the hole
quickly began to break away.

8. Finally impregnated by the prize bull, the farmer looked forward to a
calf in the spring.

9. On its way to becoming the grain capital of Oregon, Scio farmers
insisted that the town build a new courthouse.

Peter Richardson

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