David Shulman in May 10th JERUSLAME REPORT

David Bergdahl bergdahl at OAK.CATS.OHIOU.EDU
Thu May 6 19:27:11 UTC 1999

Barry is a judge, so he doesn't meet j-school students as we do: clearly
he is overestimating both the intelligence and the training of reporters.
It comes as no surprise to me that newspaper staff people don't know very
much more about research than "look it up" in some omnibus source.  Take a
look, for instance, of the excellent search-engine the NY Times has on
their website--it's fine for amateurs but I'm sure that professionals in
every field can find fault with the information found there.

I'm reminded of the story of the woman who had a papal audience and used
her time to tell the pope all the things he should do.  The pope
interrupted her with an observation.  "I can see you are a protestant,"
he said.  "How can you tell?" the woman stuttered.  "You have an
exaggerated view of the power of the papacy."

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