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INdeed, it IS "Channel Irish" in the speech of the persons I was referring
to. The term refers to the speakers of the dialect.


On Sat, 8 May 1999, Ed Deluzain wrote:

>It's not Channel Irish, but Irish Channel.  It's part of the "uptown
>district," which is really south.  Compass directions mean nothing in New
>Oreleans.  If you want to find the heart of the Irish Channel, look up St.
>Alphonsus Catholic Church or St. Mary's Assumption Catholic Church.  They're
>the two that are still in use.  Both are gorgeous in their art work, and,
>supposedly, St. Mary's Assumption has a saint buried in the floor. !
>"Bethany K. Dumas" wrote:
>> I have not been following this thread closely, but I do not think I have
>> seen the term "Channel Irish" yet -- when I taught in Baton Rouge, my
>> students from NO could all tell exactly which part of NO other students
>> were from --
>> Bethany

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