1943 Army Slang Dictionary (Part 1)(LONG!!)

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     The ARMY TIMES is wonderful.  Lighter's RHHDAS missed this.  Sorry for
the length, but you can always click your mouse as you wish.  Sorry also for
any typing mistakes I'll make.
    This is from ARMY TIMES, 16 October 1943, pg. 10:

_For Eager Beavers--_
_A Slang Dictionary_
     Are you a Big John?  Did your girl turn out to be a bluey woosy?  Then
you've many a profitable evening ahead studying this dictionary of GI slang,
prepared by PRO, RPC 9, AAFTC (now defunct) at Miami Beach, Fla.  ARMY TIMES
will run it in three installments.  We suggest you stow it in your ditty bag
for future reference.  Drawings are by Cpt. Michael Berry and Cpl. Frederick
W. Wright.  (The three drawings are not included here--ed.)

A.B.--Area bird, cadet walking punishment tours in area of barrracks.
ACK-ACK--Machine gun.
ARMORED HEIFER--Canned milk.  Used to thin out MUD (coffee).
ARMY BRAT--Son or daughter of Army officer.
ASIATIC--Man who has spent many years on Asiatic stations.
AWOL--A wolf on the loose.
B-ACHE--Complaint, or to complain.
BARKER--Heavy artillery gun.
BALL--The thing you've got to be on.
BARRACKS 13--Guardhouse.
BATH TUB--Motorcycle sidecar.
B.C.L.--Broadcast, listener (Signal Corps).
BEAM--Same as ball.
BEAN BAG--The meal penant aboard ship.
BEAM, FLYING THE IRON--Pilot following railroad track.
BEAM, FLYING THE WET--Pilot following the river.
BEAM, RIDING THE--To pretend innocense: to look at ceiling (Flying Cadets).
BEAN GUN--Rolling kitchen.
BEANS--Commissary officer.
BEAR-A-HAND--To help, i.e., "Bear a hand, Mac!"
BEHAVIOR REPORT--Letter to a girl.
BELLY ROBBER--Cook or baker.  Usually much abused, but a good fellow.
BELOW--In the Marine Corps a man never goes downstairs.  "He goes below."
BEND THE THROTTLE--To fly plane or drive vehicle above normal speed.
BIBLE--Army regulations.
BIG JOHN--Recruit.
BIRD DOGGING--Lower classman dancing with upper classman's girl (Flying
BISCUIT GUN--Imaginary appliance for shooting food up to pilots who are
having difficulty in landing (Flying Cadets).
B.J.--Before June; applied to "plebes" lacking in respect for upperclassmen
(West Point).
BLACK GANG--Engine Department crew of an Army Mine Planter.
BLACK WEDNESDAY--Calisthenics with rifles (Flying Cadets).
BLANCO--Khaki powder that comes in cake form.
BLANKET-AND-FRECKELS (Not my typo!--ed.)--Paper and tobacco for rolling
BLASE--Fresh; indifferent to correction (West Point).
BLIND--A fine imposed by court-martial.
BLIND FLYING--A date with girl you have never seen.
BLITZ IT--Polish it.
BLITZES--Air patrols.
BLOW YOUR TOP, TO--Vocal loss of temper.
BLUE ROOM--Post Exchange tavern, where enlisted men drink 3.2 beer.
BLUEY WOOZY--Girl who likes sailors.
BOARD FIGHT--Recitation in which problems are worked out at blackboards (west
BOB-TAIL--Dishonorable discharge.
BOKSOK--Crazy or amok.  From "Tagalog," native Philippine dialect.
BOOMTOWN--Area of post where temporary buildings are constructed.
BOONDOCKS--The wild back country.
BONE--To study or strive for something.
BOODLE--Candy, cake, ice cream, etc. (West Point).
BOOT--Marine recruit.
BOOT-CAMP--Recruit camp.
BOOTBLACK--To flatter.
BOUDOIR--Squad tent.
BRACE--Exaggerated position of attention.
BRASS--Empty cartridge shells.
BRASS HATS--GHQ officer; staff officer.
BRASS POUNDER--Radio telegrapher (Signal Corps).
BREAD SERGEANT--Mine Planter, dining room orderly.
BRIGHTWORK--Any shiny metal surface.
BROWNED OFF--Disgruntled.
BRUSS--An exaggerated "brace" (Flying Cadets).
B.S.--Prolonged discussion (west Point).
BUBBLE DANCING--Dishwashing.
BUCK--To work for promotion.
BUCK PRIVATE--Any private soldier.
BUDDY--Close friend.
BUG--Speed key on transmitter (SIgnal Corps).
BUG--Instrument recording performance in Link Trainer (Air Corps).
BUGLE--To avoid reciting by standing at blackboard until end of period (West
BUGS--Any solids found in soup.
BULL PEN--Military prison yard.
BUNK FATIGUE--To sleep or rest.
BUNK FLYING--Talking aviation in barracks (Air Corps).
BUNKIE--Close friend, or one who shares same shelter.
BURN AND TURN--Game of blackjack.
BUSTED--Reduced in rank.
BUTCH--Medical officer.
BUTTON UP--To close a tank (Armored Force).
BUTTONED UP--Orders carried out.
BUZZARD MEAT--Chicken or turkey.
BUZZING A TOWN--To do the town; in Air Corps, to fly over it.
CADET WIDOW--Young widow who has known Flying Cadets for several years.
CANNED COW--Canned milk.
CANNED HORSE--Canned meat.
CANNED WILLIE--Canned beef.
CANS--Radio or telegraph earphones.
CANTEEN SOLDIER--One who wears non-regulation clothing or insignia.
CARE BOY--Driver of tank.
CARRIER PIGEON--Officer's messenger.
CARRYING A HEAVY LOAD--Fatigues or melancholy.
CATHEAD KID--Soldier guarding a mine cable over the cathead (Mine Planters).
CAULK OFF--Take a nap.
CHICAGO ATOMIZER--Automatic rifle.
CHINA CLIPPER--Dishwasher.
CHASER--Prisoner guard.
C.Q.--Non-commissioned officer in charge of barracks.
CHIN MUSIC--Talking.
CHINESE LANDING--One Wing Low (Air Corps).
CHOW--Mess, grub, chuck, food.
CHOW-HOUND--Man who eats a lot.
CIVVIES--Civilian clothing.
CLASS 'A' PASS--Permit absence from post at all times when not on duty.
CO (KO)--Commanding Officer.
COCKPIT FOG--Mentally lost.
COFFEE COOLER--One who seeks easy jobs.
COMB IT--Detailed inspection of a tank.
COMPANY STOOGE--Company clerk.
CON--Confinement to quarters (West Point).
COUNTRY CLUB--Randolph Field.
COUSIN--Close friend.
CRAB--Chronic complainer.
CRAWL--To admonish.
CREAM ON SHINGLE--Creamed beef on toast.
CROSS BAR HOTEL--Guardhouse.
CROW TRACKS--Chevrons.
CRUMB HUNT--Kitchen inspection.
CUPAJOE--Cup of coffee.
DAWN PATROLLING--To arise before reveille.
DAY ROOM--Recreation room.
DEADLINED--Vehicle laid up for repairs.
DECK MONKEYS--Deck crew of Army Mine Planter.
DECODE--To explain.
DEMO--A demerit (West Point).
DEVIL'S PIANO--Machine gun.
DIDDIE BAG--Where soldier keeps valuables.
DIHEDRAL OIL--Imaginary substance which recruits are sent to get (Air Corps).
DING HOW--Everything O. K.
DIS--Discipline (West Point).
DIT DA ARTIST--Radio operator.
DODO--Flying cadet who has not yet made a solo flight.
DOG ROBBER--Orderly.
DOG TAGS--Metal identification plates.
DOGFACE--Enlisted man.
DOG SHOW--Foot inspection.
DODDLE BUG--Reconnaissance car or tank.
DEPTHBOMBS AND WORMS (Illustration is here--ed.)--Meatballs and spaghetti.
DOPS OFF--Acts stupidly.
DOUGH PUNCHER--Army baker.
DOWN--To pass.  "Down the meat."
DOOWHISTLE--See "Ducrot."
DOOWILLIE--See "Ducrot."
DOWNHILL--Second half of enlistment.
DRAG--Equivalent to "date."
DRIVE IT IN THE HANGAR--Stop, "bunk flying."
DRY RUN--To practice; a dress rehearsal.
DS--Detached service; away from organization.
DITTY-BOX--Small box used by men of sea for stowing treasured and necessary
articles of small size--like picture of your girl.
DOG-IT-DOWN--"Tie it down" or "Rope it off."
DOPE--Any kind of information.
DUCROT--Anything the name of which is not known; applied to all plebes, as
"Mr. Ducrot."
DUD--Unexploded shell.
DUFF--Any sweet edible.
DUFFLE BAG--Clothes bag.
DUMBFLICKET--See "Ducrot."
DUMBJOHN--See "Ducrot."
EAGER BEAVER--The guy who  volunteers when volunteers are caled for.
EAR-BANGER--A "yes" man.
EGG IN YOUR BEER--Too much of a good thing.
EIGHTBALL--Man who is slow on the pickup.
ELEPHANT--Cadet taking dnacing lessons (West Point).
EMBALMED MEAT--Canned meat.
ENGINEER--Cadet in top academic sections (West Point).
ETHER--Radio telephone (Signal Corps).
FAN TAIL--Stern of a ship.
FAT FRIENDS--Barrage Balloons.
FEATHER MERCHANT--A little man who goes around saying, "The bigger they are
the harder they fall."
FESS--A failure (West Point).
FIELD DAY--Day given over to cleaning barracks or ship.  Usually the day
before a general inspection.
FILE--Waste basket.
FIRST GRADER--Master sergeant.
FIRST MAN--First sergeant.
FLANKER--A tall person (west Point).
FLASH GUN--Machine gun used for training.
FLOWER POT--Piano power turret (Air Corps).
FLYING THE IRON BEAM--Pilot flying along a railroad.
FLYING THE WET BEAM--Pilot flying along a river.
FLUFF OFF--To goldbrick or loaf.  One who fluffs off.
FOOT SLOGGER--An infantryman.
FORTY-EIGHT--Two-day leave.
FOULED UP--Mixed up, confused.
FOUNDLING--A dismissed cadet (West Point).
FRENCH LEAVE--Unauthorized absence.
FRIED EGG--Insignia of United States Military Academy.
FROG STICKER--A bayonet.
FUNERAL GUIDE--Plane out of control (Flying Cadets).
GARRISON SHOES--Army dress shoes.
GAS HOUSE--Saloon or beer garden.
GAS HOUSE GANG--Chemical warfare instructors.
GASOLINE-COWBOY--Member of armored forces.
GEAR--Stuff.  Clothing or equipment of any nature is gear.
GEESE--Bombers in formation.
GENERAL'S CAR--A wheelbarrow.
GET EAGER--To strive to the utmost.
G. I.--Government issue.
G. I.--To clean thoroughly.
G. I. HAIRCUT--One-inch trim.
G. I. HOP OR G. I. STRUGGLE--Dance held on the post.
G. I. SKY PILOT--CHaplain.
G. I. WAR--Maneuver.
GIZMO--When you need a word for something in a hurry, and can't think of one,
it's a "Gizmo."
GLAMOUR BOY--Draftee, selective service trainee.
GLOMS--Hands, chow hooks.
GIBSON GIRL--Radio transmitter for flying crews downed at sea.
GIG GETTER--A rifle which despite all efforts at cleaning, fails to pass
GOAT--Junior officer in post, regiment, etc.
GOATY--Awkward, ignorant.
GOING UP--To take off (Air Corps).
GOLD BRICK--To dodge work.
GOOF-OFF--Similar to fluff off but slightly more serious offense.
GOON--Soldier who falls in lowest category in Army classification tests.
GOON SQUAD--Men on extra detail as minor punishment.
GO-TO-HELL-HAT--Garrison cap.  Also known as overseas cap and fore and aft
GRASS--Vegetable or salad.  Also known as rabbit food.
GREENS--Winter service uniform.
GREY GHOST--The stage commander's airplane, so named because it is the last
plane one rides in before being washed out.
GRIPE--To complain.
GROUND-LOOP-GRIN--When a pilot ground-loops his ship, his face inevitably
freezes with an asinine grin.
GROWLEY--Tomato ketchup; to blush (West Point).
GRUNT--Electrician's helper (Signal Corps).
GUARD HOUSE LAWYER--A person who knows little but talks much about
regulations, military law, and "soldier's rights."

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