1943 Army Slang Dictionary (Part 1)(LONG!!)

Kathleen Miller millerk at NYTIMES.COM
Tue May 11 14:44:38 UTC 1999

There are several hits to be found on "Project Yehudi" on the web. This one
from the Defense Web by Bill Sweetman:

 "Fundamentally, there is nothing new about visual stealth: it was first
tested in
the 1940s, under the US Navy’s Project Yehudi. This involved the fitting of
lights to anti-submarine patrol
and attack aircraft, to match their luminance to an overcast sky and make
them harder for U-boat
lookouts to detect." 

Still can't find anything else about the Colonna connection. Dickson's War
Slang dictionary likens a Yehudi to a gremlin - and mentions the Menuhin
connection as well. May not be scholary - but it makes sense. 

Kathleen E. Miller

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