TECH Re: looks like rain

A. Vine avine at ENG.SUN.COM
Tue May 11 18:00:28 UTC 1999

Travis Hodgdon wrote:
> Email in Japanese, English, French, German, or Spanish.
> "Ikiru to iu koto wa kaze mo mizu mo hi mo onaji koto da to kizuita yo."
> _______________________
>  $BEE;R%a!<%k$r1Q8l$G$bF|K\8l$G$b%U%i%s%98l$G$b%I%$%D8l$G$b%9%Z!<%s8l$G$b=q (B
>  $B$$$F$b$$$$$G$9!# (B
>  $B!V at 8$-$k$H$$$&;v$OIw$b?e$bF|$bF1$8;v$@$HC[$$$?$h!#!W (B

This is the ASCII display of Japanese encoded in ISO-2022-JP format.   My email
can't display the Japanese properly I think because the message is re-tagged
when it goes through the listserv.

I presume it is the Japanese representation of the Romaji above - what does it

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