G. I. Slang in P. I. (1942)

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     This was in the ARMY TIMES, 7 March 1942, pg. 12, col. 1:

_G. I. Slang in P. I._
A Slightly Censored Glossary of Terms
Used by MacArthur's Boys to Express
Themselves Between Raids on Bataan

"Scamper juice"--gin.
"Laughing soup"--beer.
"Scuttle"--to beat one severely.
"Fire trap"--mustache.
"Blotto"--a state of intoxication.
"Goodyear man"--one who takes advice of the Medical Department.
"Bat hides"--paper money.
"Clackers"--small change.
"Cement slappers"--shoes.
"Belly rub"--dance.
"Heifer dust"--a story of untruths.
"Blow his skypiece"--go crazy.
"Looie"--mechanic's cap.
"Skimmer"--flight cap.
"Fez"--campaign hat.
"Vitamin P"--beer (Pabst).
"Peck"--a pint of gin.
"Demijohn"--about 18 Grandes.
"Tilt the Fairbanks"--to get weighed.
"Stand short"--to underdo anything.
"Take-off"--to go your way.
"The Blue Light"--to be a social outcast.
"The snore"--to beat a man unconscious.
"The chill"--to ignore one's fellow.
"On the beam"--art of being right.
"On the downbeat"--caught red-handed.
"Snapper"--a Filipino.
"Gook"--same thing.
"Magunda dalaga"--unmarried Filipino (usually beautiful).
"Punk"--anybody that makes you angry.
"Wench"--the girl back home.
"E-Pluribus"--money or chattel.
"Foreign service"--Texas.
"Gut-gaskets"--hot cakes.
"Binders"--cheese sandwiches.
"Tin udder"--canned milk.
"Sorority sauce"--catsup.
"Sea dust"--salt.
"Sneeze wee"--pepper.
"Philippine steak"--fish.
"Black bottle"--garnish sauce.
"Gasoline"--bamboo gin.
"Chits"--accounts payable.
"Gourd"--one's head.
"Sprouts"--2nd Lieutenants.

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