Serbs (was Re: Apaches and Tomahawks)

Wed May 12 23:25:26 UTC 1999

Grant presents us with an article from Nancy about names for weapons.
It ends with a comment about the Balkan problem, to which I have a
response, which is blatantly political, given the homogenization of
western media coverage of this situation.

> Apaches and Tomahawks
> Is it cynicism? Amnesia? Or have the Americans just not stopped to
> reflect that the arms they are now using to attack the Serb regime with its
> odious ethnic cleansing are named after the Indians they exterminated last
> century?
> Think of Tomahawk missiles and Apache helicopters. The tomahawk was the
> Indians' axe and the Apaches were, as the Sioux and the Cheyenne, victims
> of appalling ethnic cleansing.
> What would we say in 50 years or so if the Serbian armed forces decided
> to name one of their missiles "Kosovar"?
> Nancy Dolhem

The analogy is very misguided and reflects the influence of western media
control of ideas.

I must present some facts, which need to be distributed

First, in the current Balkan conflict, there have been 750,000 documented
Serbian refugees.  This figure is greater than the number of
documented refugees from other areas in the region.

Second, Bosnia and Kosovo are not ethnic regions of eastern europe
defined by distinct languages.  They are political creations of NATO.

Third, the exodus from the Yugoslav province of Kosovo has been caused
by NATO bombing, not the actions of Milosovic.  Proof:  they didnt start
leaving until the bombing began.

Fourth, NATO alliance actions have killed more civilians than any actions
alleged of the Serbians.

It is the NATO forces who are engaged in odious ethnic cleansing, no one

Virtually, Terry
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