Bethany K. Dumas dumasb at UTK.EDU
Thu May 13 02:40:17 UTC 1999

Thanks for your detailed comments, Lynne. I have never actually used
this assignment, but I will now look for an opportunity to do so.

I wonder if I could do something similar in my Language & Law course? It
might make a good smaller project for that course --  give them
terms like "reasonable doubt," "unreasonable" in the sense of
"unreasonable searches and seizures" in the Fourth Amendment ( a colleague
of mine here is arguing that the term meant something more like
"inherently illegal" or "unconstitutional" in the late eighteenth century
(per Coke's use of "against reason") than the meaning of "inappropriate
in the circumstances" that is given to the term in modern search law),
"proximate cuase," etc.


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