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Thu May 13 13:28:30 UTC 1999

Here's the reply I got from Dan Goodman on rec.arts.sf.written, identifying the
story I mentioned in yesterday's post:

Fredric Brown, "The Yehudi Principle" -- I'm 95% sure.  Here follows
the bibliographical stuff from the Internet Speculative Fiction Data
Base.  The Contento Index and the Locus Index are usually more
complete, and may have more places it's been reprinted.

For: The Yehudi Principle
    1. [5]Astounding Science Fiction, May 1944, John W. Campbell, Jr.,
       1944, $0.25
    2. [6]Angels and Spaceships, Fredric Brown, 1954, E. P. Dutton, hc
    3. [7]The Best of Fredric Brown, Fredric Brown, 1977, Nelson
       Doubleday, hc

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