TECH: Re: German orthography over here

A. Vine avine at ENG.SUN.COM
Fri May 14 16:52:53 UTC 1999

Bernard W. Kane wrote:
> Speaking of that German type character "ess-tset" (didn't know it had a
> name; thanks) did anybody else spot its unprecedented appearance in TIME,
> issue of May 17, in art. about Secy Albright, on p. 32 of my edition, col. 1
> l. 13, which reads "before cameras early in the L[B]ewinsky" (where [B]
> stands in for that ess-tset). I've asked TIME's staff if they can guess how
> that happened; will advise the ADS-L if they respond. (it' s a standard,
> even if less-used, ASCII character: No. 225: but where was their spell
> checking, to say nothing of proof reading?)

(Picking nits again...)

Nope, not a standard ASCII character.  Ess-tset is a standard ANSI character (or
ISO-8859-1 or Latin1).

ASCII is limited to 7 bits, decimal 0-127.


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