The Welsh National Anthem for non Welsh speakers:

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Fri May 14 18:15:48 UTC 1999

Dennis R. Preston wrote:
> I'm more fond of these things than I realized, but I have another point. I
> was amazed the other day to discover that a Brit colleague didn't have a
> clue that the euphemized "w*anker" (i.e., "wanker") in this cited posting
> is (nearly) unknown on this side of the pond (Anglophiles, tweedy academic
> types, and Brit-film buffs to the contrary notwithstanding). Idnit the
> case?
> dInIs

In one Monty Python sketch on embarrassing words, John Cleese says, "And now for
something really rude - Wankel Rotary Engine."  I heard this sketch as a
teenager, and from then on assumed they were just being silly, that "Wankel was
sort of a rude-sounding word, but of course wasn't really rude.  Then my English
husband began explaining all the Britishisms in Monty Python, and I finally got

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