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"Armstrong or armstrong adj." (=hand or arm powered) is in the Dict of
Canadianisms on Historical Principles, with a first cite from Rod and Gun in
Canada, 1920 (pub. by Cdn Forestry Assn): " . . . via the armstrong and
elbow grease route".  The second cite is from 1922 and refers to "a
hand-windlass, an 'Armstrong hoist' we called it".  So it appears that its
application was more general than cars.

Re "4/70" air conditioning:  I have to admit I don't get it.  Can you
explain it?  (Four windows, maybe, but what's the "70"?)


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> Many years ago I heard various cars described as having:
> 4/70 air conditioning = no air conditioning
> Armstrong steering = no power steering
> double-leg brakes = standard brakes
> and two brands of worn-out tires: Golden Balds and Maypops
> probably not from the Quartermaster Corps.
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