Join the Army/Navy and See the World (continued)

Barry A. Popik Bapopik at AOL.COM
Sat May 15 00:44:37 UTC 1999


    The Congressional Record might be a good source for regional Armeican
speech--we know exactly who the speakers are and where they're from.  I have
a whole bunch of search terms, starting with "cold war."
   The response I got from my trip to the Library of Congress yesterday was:
"Don't hold your breath for a digital Congressional Record anytime soon."


     The prints division of the Library of Congress doesn't have a great
selection of 20th century war posters.  I didn't find THE poster.  I was told
to try the National Archives.
     However, it's clear that the concept for "Join the Army/Navy and see the
world" developed during World War I.  Join the army, gets sprayed with
mustard gas, but hey, YOU CAN SEE PARIS!!

1917, by J. Paul Verrees--"Join the air service and serve in France.  Do it

1919, by James Montgomery Flagg--"Travel?  Adventure?  Answer--Join the

1919, by James Montgomery Flagg--"Join the Navy, the service of training and

1919, by James Henry Daugherty--"Give the world the once over in the United
States Navy."  India is shown.

1919, by James Henry Daugherty--"Come along; learn something, see something
in the U. S. Navy; ample shore leave for inland sights."  South America is

1919, by Windsor McCay--"The new education.  There's the world before you,
young man!  Do you want to see it?  Learn a trade and live a strong and
healthy life?  If so enlist and be happy--you can't beat this!"

1920--"The Field Artillery.  travel, earn learn...adventure and action."

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