Hypnology IS IN

Bob Haas highbob at POP.MINDSPRING.COM
Sat May 15 15:58:03 UTC 1999

Thanks for all the info, David, and you're right, archaic is probably
not the best term here.  I suppose antiquated would be better; calling
it archaic was very, very wrong of me.

But I was only trying to have some fun: "since I didn't find it very
quickly nor very easily, I'm saying that it's archaic.  That's my story
and I'm sticking to it."  I even added a hopefully ironic (but now I see
my hopes are dashed) and humorous explanation.  I'll never do that again
. . . this weekend.

BTW, my spellchecker didn't recognize it, but it did accept it when I
added it.

Barnhart wrote:

> Furthermore, it is not "archaic."  It may be fairly unusual, even
> obscure.  However, I have 11 quotations for hypnology or one of its
> derivatives all from the last 12 years.  One quotation has identified
> it as the medicine of the future.  There's an institute for this in
> Maryland.  When I ran it on the web AltaVista popped up 51 Websites.
> My spellchecker even accepted it.


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