Strunkenwhite non-virus.

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Can we find one that will return an e-mail item that has either grammatical
or spelling errors or are they all afflicted with faulty parallelism?
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> The following is a humor item, a joke column, by Bob Hirschfeld, about a
> virus that will return any e-mail item that is either not grammatically
> correct or has spelling errors.
> Taking Liberties   The Pluperfect Virus  By Bob Hirschfeld  Sunday, May
> 2, 1999; Page B05 (Washington Post):
> Even though the item is a joke, the Wall Street Journal (13 May 1999,
> p.B6) noted that Hirschfeld "was deluged by e-mails from companies
> worldwide desperate for information about the virus.  One staffer told
> Mr. Hirschfeld he'd spent hours searching the Web for an
> anti-Strunkenwhite virus software program."
> Once again, the column is intended as a humor item.
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