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The NY Times misspoke itself this morning in an article on the Israeli

>    Netanyahu began his day with a prayer stop at Judaism's holiest
site, the Western Wall. A group of women, garbed in the long flowing
skirts of the Orthodox, >    cheered when Netanyahu arrived and cried
out his nickname: ``Bibi!'' Some wept.
>    ``Make a miracle for us today,'' prayed Rachel Cohen, raising her
white prayer-book to the
>    skies. ``Bibi, you have to win, so that we don't fall into the
hands of the goyim
>    (non-Jews).'.

The gloss is technically correct but misleading: the woman was referring
to Labor--secular Jews are referred to as "goyim" by the "orthodox"
[itself a mischaracterization since not all observant Jews are
"orthodox" in the sense the media uses the term: black-garbed, bearded &

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