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Don't know if the following is on the right track or not.  Please excuse
if it is a waste of bandwidth, and you already have the info at hand.

In A THESAURUS OF SLANG, Compiled and Arranged by Howard N. Rose (NY:
Macmillan, 1934) are at least two entries that refer to jaboney:

p.31, under the category of Detective Slang, Prison:  "Greenhorn (n): a
p.32, under same category:  "New Arrival at Prison (n): a fish; jaboney;

Don't see a direct relationship, but on p35, there is:  "Skin Injection
of Drugs (n): a jaboff."

Certain difficulties in using this reference, since a reader has to know
the non-slang term/phrase, in order to determine the slang equivalent.
Also, the material is categorized by group, such as:  Aviation; College;

According to the 'acknowledgment' section, much of the detective slang
is drawn from material by D. W. Maurer in AMERICAN SPEECH, December 1931
(Underworld Argot).

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