Golden Rule

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Tue May 18 14:30:22 UTC 1999

In THE KING IS A FINK, Fawcett Gold Medal (R2842), a paperback book, by
Brant Parker and Johnny Hart, with copyright dates of:  1964, 1965 (both
Publishers Newspaper Syndicate), & 1969 (Fawcett), (p.32, page #s not
shown in the book), is the following:
Panel 1, King to the masses, speaking from a castle balcony (or whatever
that part of a castle is called):  "... in conclusion, fellow peasants,
let me stress the need for peace and harmony."
Panel 2, King, closeup, on balcony:  "Remember the golden rule . . . we
must all live by the golden rule."
Panel 3, down below, one peasant to another:  "What the heck is the
golden rule?"
Panel 4, a nearby troubadour:  "Whoever has the gold makes the rules."

No date or copyright information is shown on the pages, or in the
panels.  Per the convention in comics, all lettering is uppercase.  The
ellipsis in each sentence is as shown in each panel.

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