slang "Scotch!" (= great!)

Larry Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Tue May 18 18:07:58 UTC 1999

At 11:28 AM -0600 5/18/99, Gerald Cohen wrote:
>   The _NY Times_, May 15, 1999, Sec. A, p.27, col. 2 (part of a col. 1-6
>article entitled "How I Kicked The Talk-Show-Guest Habit", by Debbie
>Nathan) contains a slang item "Scotch" I had never encountered:
>     "A stretch limo! Scotch!"
>      Has anyone seen this  use of "Scotch" before?  Does anyone have any
>idea about its origin?
>******** Here is a bit more of the context in which it appears:
>     "...Soon I got an invitation from Sally Jesse Raphael's people.  They
>said audiences would appreciate my rational perspective.
>   "I should have known better, but I was flattered.  Me, on national TV!
>Plus,  I  lived in the boonies, and Sally offered a free trip to the East
>Coast.  I got there and a stretch limousine was waiting.  A stretch limo!
>-------Gerald Cohen
Are you SURE this this is 'slang "Scotch!" (= great!)', and not just plain
(or not so plain) 'scotch', as in whisky?  To me, when I was reading this
op-ed piece, I figured that Ms. Nathan was contemplating the delights of
kicking off her heels, sinking into a plush limo seat and sipping some fine
single malt (or at least Chivas; essentially, something of a quality and
price she wouldn't have been in position to indulge in on her own budget).
To me, and I assume to Ms. Nathan, the right kind of scotch can convey
'great!' without being a slang item.


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