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Tue May 18 23:30:21 UTC 1999

Bruce K. Dykes wrote:
> >> > My interlocutor described a leading
> >> > corporate executive as "the top nacho."
> >>
> >> I hope you got a clear explanation of how this executive stands in the
> corporate
> >> hierarchy in relation to the big enchilada.
> >
> >...who we all know is topped by the big cheese (or "Il Formaggione" as one
> >student in my Italian class put it).
> 'Top Nacho' just made the top of my boss' birthday cake...

Upon reading 'top nacho' I got an image of one of those big oval plates piled
with nachos served at places like Bennigan's and TGI Friday's.  All the cheese,
beans, jalapenos, etc. are sprinkled/poured on top of the chips, and the whole
thing forms a sort of oblong pyramid.  On the top of the pyramid is the dollop
of guacamole and sour cream.  So the top nacho has all the best/most expensive
ingredients on it.

Kind of a visual metaphor for a boss.
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