slang (if it is) "Scotch"

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Wed May 19 02:10:06 UTC 1999

    Larry Horn asks a valid question:

>Are you SURE this this is 'slang "Scotch!" (= great!)', and not just plain
>(or not so plain) 'scotch', as in whisky?  To me, when I was reading this
>op-ed piece, I figured that Ms. Nathan was contemplating the delights of
>kicking off her heels, sinking into a plush limo seat and sipping some fine
>single malt (or at least Chivas; essentially, something of a quality and
>price she wouldn't have been in position to indulge in on her own budget).
>To me, and I assume to Ms. Nathan, the right kind of scotch can convey
>'great!' without being a slang item.

**********Hmmmm.  Thiis looks plausible.  However,  I have been in a
stretch limousine only once in my life  and  it did not have a bar.  So may
I ask a basic question:  Do other stretch limousines come equipped with a
bar, permitting the passengers to imbibe?

---Gerald Cohen

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