slang "Scotch!" (= great!)

Larry Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Wed May 19 15:21:16 UTC 1999

At 5:44 AM -0500 5/19/99, Joseph McCollum wrote:
>>At 11:28 AM -0600 5/18/99, Gerald Cohen wrote:
>>>   The _NY Times_, May 15, 1999, Sec. A, p.27, col. 2 (part of a col.
>>1-6 article entitled "How I Kicked The Talk-Show-Guest Habit", by Debbie
>>>Nathan) contains a slang item "Scotch" I had never encountered:
>>>     "A stretch limo! Scotch!"
>Ethnic jokes depict the Scotch as a people reluctant to spend money.
>Perhaps the speaker is saying that getting a ride in a stretch limo for
>free is something that the Scotch would want.
No, she's not, I'm quite sure. She's referring to scotch (whisky).  It's we
who have to be parsimonious here--in our analysis.

And I second Grant's response to Jerry:  stretch limos do indeed often have
wet bars, although (as Jerry observes) they don't always have them.  I wish
I could speak more from first-hand experience, but I'd say that for me and
for Debbie Nathan the PROTOTYPE stretch limo that one is driven around town
in when one Makes the Big Time has a bar, with top-shelf scotch on hand.


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