Golden Rule

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Some additional information, relative to my previous posting on the
topic, toward clarifying the relationship between the finky King and the
Wizard of Id..

The troubadour who makes the statement "Whoever has the gold makes the
rules," is named:  Troob.

THE WIZARD OF ID appeared as a daily on November 9, 1964.  "Aided by his
B.C. team, Dick Boland and Jack Caprio, (Johnny) Hart would write the
script, and (Brant) Parker would handle the art."  [Source:  Pierre
Horn, in _100 Years of American Newspaper Comics_, edited by Maurice
Horn.  NY: Gramercy, 1996; p.396.]

The basic title of the book, _The King is a Fink_, is a phrase that is
oft repeated in the strip, and is shown in the very first panel of
cartoons presented in the paperback.  The illustration on the cover of
the book shows the Wizard making the statement, with reference to the
King of Id.  The complete cover title of the paperback is:  _The King is
a Fink!/ Featuring the Wonderful/ Wizard of Id/ Concocted by the magic
of/ Brant Parker and Johnny Hart,/ Creator of B.C._

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