Anyone know Stephen Long?

Ron Butters RonButters at AOL.COM
Thu May 20 18:00:33 UTC 1999

In a message dated 5/20/99 12:34:43 PM, AAllan at AOL.COM writes:

<< Talk about senior moments . . .
At the ADS meeting in January, Stephen Long paid not only to register but
also for membership. But I neglected to note his address or anything else
about him, so he's not in the database for mailings. Could someone remind me
who he is and where to reach him, so I can send our publications and my
Thanks! - Allan Metcalf <AAllan at> >>

My memory is that, in the case of "Stephen Long," in the dialect of E.
Tennessee, "Stephen" gets shortened to "Danny."  At any rate, I'd check with
our man in Tokyo first.

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