"Tastes like chicken"

Barry A. Popik Bapopik at AOL.COM
Sat May 22 03:29:19 UTC 1999

     "The Straight Dope" is a syndicated column by Cecil Adams.  He used to
do etymology, but he hasn't done much of that in the past year.  He got
kicked off the AOL board and is now at www.straightdope.com.
    Cecil got his start at the Chicago Reader, so I told him my pathetic
plight about "the Windy City."  (You can, too.)
    A recent query to the message boards was the origin of "it tastes like
    I checked Usenet, and it's often:

Smells like fish (or, tuna)
Tastes like chicken.

    One poster added "looks like a taco."  The postings refer to, ah....
    I remember comedian Gilbert Gottfried using "it tastes like chicken" in
this respect in the late 1980s.  Does anyone else remember this, or something

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