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On Sun, 23 May 1999, Bethany K. Dumas wrote:

> On Sat, 22 May 1999, Lynne Murphy wrote:
> >Can anyone tell me when the New York Times started using 'Ms.' (in
> >addition to 'Mrs.' and 'Miss')  or referring to people/organizations as
> >'gay' (rather than 'homosexual')?  I know that Ms. was quite
> >late--mid-late 80s, I think.  Or, if you have an easy way to figure this
> >out, without going through years' worth of old newspapers, please
> >suggest it to me.
> I don't remember whether the NYT waited until the "mid-late 80s" to start
> using 'Ms." -- the title itself is much older. In fact, it  was in general
> use by some writers and pubs by 1970 -- not the general press, of course.

It should be fairly easy to ascertain when the New York Times started
using _Ms._ by searching Academic Universe, to which your university
probably has a subscription.

As for how old the title is, the earliest anyone has traced _Ms._ is
Mario Pei's 1949 book, The Story of Language.  It may have originated, not
as a feminist usage, but rather as a pragmatic solution in the business
world to the problem of whether to use Miss or Mrs. in addressing
correspondence when one doesn't know whether the recipient is married.

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